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Poznaj odpowiedzi na najczęściej zadawane pytania.

  • What are you doing during the renovation?
    During restoration, we break the furniture into individual pieces. We clean the wooden parts thoroughly and glue them back together. We use water-based stains to color the wood, which are not harmful to the environment, and we protect the whole thing with varnish or oil-wax. We replace all layers of upholstery with new ones. We focus on craftsmanship and restore furniture with our own hands and using simple machines involving our experience gained over the years. And all this with care for both the furniture and the customer. As a result, our furniture is personalized and the customer can choose the type of upholstery and wood. We want old furniture to be able to serve successfully for decades to come, decorating not only residential living rooms and kitchens, but also restaurants, clubs or other commercial establishments.
  • Na czym polega wymiana tapicerki?
    Wszystkie warstwy tapicerki w fotelu i krześle wymieniamy na nowe. Ze starego siedziska pozostaje tylko szkielet drewniany, który poddajemy renowacji. Konstrukcja jest sklejana i umacniana. Używamy gąbek, które długo zachowują sprężystość i nie spłaszczają się w przeciwieństwie do powszechnie stosowanych rozwiązań na meblach z sklepów masowych. Przy zamówieniach mebli personalizowanych pomagamy dobrać odpowiednią do potrzeb klienta tkaninę tapicerską.
  • How do you transport furniture?
    We use only small and independent courier-freelancers, who guarantee delivery of furniture to the specified address intact. We also assist in transportation from the client to our studio. We ship furniture all over Poland, as well as abroad on conditions agreed individually.
  • Where do you operate?
    We operate in the Małopolska region. We do not have a stationary store, but you can easily view the fabrics and all the chairs and armchairs in our Lekka Furniture workshop in Łęg Tarnowski. 18 Św.Anny Street 33-131 Łęg Tarnowski If you are from other areas of Poland then write to us or call us and we will help you safely transport your furniture to our workshop. It is also possible to meet in Warsaw. tel. +48 60 222 33 07
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